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This document lists all available documentation with a description.

How To

List of documents in order to configure the VPN server or perform common tasks.

Document Description
DEPLOY_CENTOS Install and Maintain eduVPN/Let's Connect! on CentOS
DEPLOY_DEBIAN Install and Maintain eduVPN/Let's Connect! on Debian
DEPLOY_FEDORA Install and Maintain eduVPN/Let's Connect! on Fedora
LDAP Enable LDAP Authentication
RADIUS Enable RADIUS Authentication
SAML Enable SAML Authentication
2FA Configure 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)
ACL Configure ACL (Access Control Lists) to manage access to VPN profiles
BRANDING Configure Branding/Themes (eduVPN/Let's Connect!)
CUSTOM_BRANDING Apply your own Branding/Themes
GUEST_USAGE Setup and Enable Guest Usage (VPN Federation)
LOCAL_DNS Run Local DNS Resolver on VPN server
DNS_FILTERING Block malware/tracking/advertisement domains with Local DNS Resolver
MULTI_PROFILE Configure VPN Profiles on VPN Server
PORT_SHARING Enable Port Sharing for the Web Server for TCP/443
USER_DELETE Manually fully Delete a User
CONTRIBUTE_TRANSLATIONS Contribute Translations for the User and Admin portal(s)


Extended documentation about various topics.

Document Description
PROFILE_CONFIG List of all VPN Server Configuration Options
SCALING Performance/Scaling Notes
SECURITY Security Notes
STATS Statistics Notes
ARCH Description of Service Architecture
CLIENT_COMPAT List of Supported VPN Client


Documentation specific for developers.

Document Description
API API Documentation for (Native) Application Developers
INSTANCE_DISCOVERY Obtain a list of VPN server Instances
DEVELOPMENT_SETUP Setup a Developer Environment
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