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  • Fall back to instance base URI if no display name is defined.
  • Fix crash on start-up if no "discovery" is defined.
  • Remove everything related to 2FA/two factor.
  • Show configured state on Provider list. Some clean-up.
  • Retry certificate fetching if it is no longer valid. #50
  • New UX/UI. #48
  • Rename ChooseProviderTableViewController to ProviderTableViewController.
  • Move storing of auth state and certificate to files, with data protection, excluded from backup. Fixes #49.
  • Split project and product config.
  • Revert back to using URL schemes for oAuth flow.
  • Switch to use xcconfig based setting of project.
  • Add localized message strings to system messages.
  • Remove user messages, cleanup parsing of system messages.
  • Improve naming of key name for Let's Connect!. Localization.
  • Update dependencies.
  • No image for "Other" connections.
  • Tweak empty connection table behavior to properly show and hide.
  • Better error handling on server side error. Not everything is a local JSON mapping error.
  • Add onDemand semantics.
  • Add "Add configuration" button.
  • Fix Core Data view context related warning.
  • Add letsconnect redirect URL.
  • Allow building with Let's Connect.
  • Add configurations for each app family member. (EduVPN, AppForce 1 (Test) and Let's Connect)
  • Only allow custom providers for letsconnect clients.
  • Add migration and show better initial copy.
  • Move TunnelProviderManager related code in a Coordinator.
  • Make selective VPN display work.
  • Show alert on missing auth flow.
  • Remove "create_config" endpoint path.
  • Take current configured profile into account when displaying.
  • Show VPN connection view controller modally instead of pushed.
  • Use correct label for out bytes.
  • Notifications & improved status display.
  • Rename federatedAuthorizationApi to distributedAuthorizationApi.
  • Do not show errors due to user cancellation of auth flow.
  • Add auth state check.
  • Fix crash due to on existant image literal.
  • Display in/out byte counts.
  • Add duration label updating.
  • Remove reference to unused outlets.
  • Start improving VPN connection screen.
  • Update design of VPN selection screen. Also only allow adding a secure internet when there is not a already a secure internet profile present.


  • Retry refresh profile after a successful re-auth.
  • Remove detection of OpenVPN.
  • Make connecting with the app itself work.
  • Update TunnelKit and adopt ovpn config parsing.
  • Add Gemfile.
  • Nasty hack to fix curve 7.
  • Switch to TunnelKit. Migrate to Swift 4.2, update dependencies.
  • Convert "print" statements to os_log.
  • Allow log display.


  • App now contains it's own tunnel extension. No need to have the OpenVPN connect app installed.


  • Distributed authorization/authentication support.
  • Show activity information when loading a new instance.

0.113 (?)

  • Log in on EduVPN
  • Handoff OpenVPN certificate to OpenVPN Connect app.
  • Updated look and feel with big headers.
  • Bugfix for iPad.
  • Display progress with spinner and label informing user on app activity.
  • Updated dependencies