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ChromeMigemo is not longer maintained

Since sendRequest and onRequest APIs are deprecated, ChromeMigemo and other extensions that talks to this are deprecated.

Please take a look at a fork of this extension: [Migemo Server for Google Chrome™](

Old README below

ChromeMigemo Extension

Migemo is an ambiguous search query generator. This extension is a Migemo server for Chrome, which itself does not provide any end-user interface, but intended to be used by other extensions.


Atsushi TAKAYAMA (@edvakf on twitter)


Copyright © 2009 Atsushi TAKAYAMA

This extension including the dictionary files are distributed under the GNU General Public License (see the file src/license/GPL).

However, the original source code of part of the files are available under the MIT license (see the file src/license/MIT), namely;

Special Thanks

I'd like to thank;


<> for the cute free icons, and

for the dictionary.

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