Gradle plugin for FXLauncher
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FXLauncher Gradle Plugin

Maven Central Apache License

See usage example in the fxldemo-gradle demo project

The plugin supports the following tasks:

  • copyAppDependencies: Assembles the application into build/fxlauncher
  • generateApplicationManifest: Generates app.xml into build/fxlauncher
  • embedApplicationManifest: Copies app.xml into fxlauncher.jar
  • deployApp: Transfers application to deployTarget via scp
  • generateNativeInstaller: Generates native installer

Configuration example:

buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath 'no.tornado:fxlauncher-gradle-plugin:1.0.17'

apply plugin: 'no.tornado.fxlauncher'

fxlauncher {
    applicationVendor 'My Company'
    applicationUrl 'http://host/path'
    applicationMainClass 'com.example.Application'
    deployTarget 'username@hostname:path'

Please note that the deployApp task requires the scp binary to be present in your path, and that you have installed the corresponding target host key locally and the public key on the target

The deployTarget option also accepts deploying to local file system paths, for example: c:/some/path.

Optionally include scpOptions = ["-v"] to enable verbose output from scp if you run into trouble.

What's new file

Supply whatsNew https://whatsnew/url to include an HTML link that will be shown to the user after update.

Optional parameters

If you need to further customize the parameters to javapackager you can supply the javapackagerOptions parameter, which takes a List<String>. Consult the JavaPackager docs for more information about possible parameters.

Keep update screen until primary stage is shown, even if update is completed

lingeringUpdateScreen true