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Assets 3

This is probably the most feature packed release ever! Many small improvements and some big new features like the headless mode and whats new screen. Enjoy!

  • --lingering-update-screen will keep the update screen active until the primary stage is shown. The default is false, whereas the old behavior was similar to setting it to true.
  • Alternative classloader strategy (#55)
  • USERLIB Now resolves to user.home/AppData/Local on Windows (#52)
  • --ignoressl commandline argument to the fxlauncher.jar will ignore ssl certificate errors. This is especially useful when running in a business environment with for example
    the blue coat proxy that uses a man in the middle attack to sniff on https connections.
  • whatsnew option is available, see README.md how to use it.
  • App URI can now be any kind of URI, for example file://
  • log statements get logged to TEMPDIR/fxlauncher.log. TEMPDIR is OS specific. The Error dialog will show you where it
    expects to find it. Logfile location can be overwritten with the --logfile=filename command line option.
  • --offline flag added. when used on the command line the files will not be checked or downloaded from the remote.
  • --stopOnUpdateErrors added. This will stop the fxlauncher from trying to start the application when there were errors updating the jars from the remote