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Maven QuickStart Demo Application for FXLauncher

This example showcases how to configure FXLauncher in your Maven application to provide automatic updates optionally in combination with native installers.

Please see pom.xml for complete documentation.

Note: There is nothing Maven spesific about FXLauncher, and these operations should be easy to perform in any build system. There is also a Gradle version of this project.


The following operations are supported by the example:

  1. Compile project jar to app.dir
  2. Copy dependencies to app.dir
  3. Generate app.xml manifest
  4. Create native installer
  5. Upload artifacts to auto update repository


Copy the deployment descriptor and customize the following properties:

	<!-- Application Name -->

	<!-- The JavaFX Application class name -->

	<!-- The app and launcher will be assembled in this folder -->

	<!-- Native installers will be build in this folder -->

	<!-- Base URL where you will host the application artifacts -->

	<!-- Optional scp target for application artifacts hosted at the above url -->

Maven targets

Generate the application

mvn clean package

Deploy the application artifacts to your webserver

mvn exec:exec@deploy-app

Build a native installer

mvn install

Prebuilt installers

See http://fxldemo.tornado.no for a prebuilt version of this application, including native installers for Windows, MacOSX and Linux.