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TornadoFX IntelliJ IDEA Plugin

Apache License


This plugin is available in the JetBrains Plugin Repository so you can download it directly from your IDE.

Issues or questions?

Please report any issues


Run Configuration

Run a TornadoFX Application or a View ad hoc, specify Live reloading of stylesheets and/or Views

Add View

Create new View class based on Code or FXML automatically

Inject Component

Search for Components (View, Fragment, Controller) and create injected val

Convert fields to JavaFX Properties

Converts fields to JavaFX Properties and fields delegated by them

Add TableView Columns

Generate ViewModel

Generate ViewModel based on a class and its fields.

Translation support

Fold message["key"] expression to their translated value.

Add translation intention action.

Project Templates

  • Maven Application
  • Gradle Application
  • OSGi Application
  • OSGi Dynamic View
  • OSGi Dynamic Stylesheet

Running from source

Clone the project and open it in IntelliJ IDEA. Select the Gradle task intellij > runIde to start a sandboxed instance of IntelliJ IDEA with the plugin installed.