TornadoFX 1.5.8

@edvin edvin released this Nov 24, 2016 · 157 commits to master since this release

Lots of improvements and some new control additions in this release :)

  • WritableValue.assignIfNull(creatorFn) assigns to the value by calling creator unless it is already non-null
  • Button.accelerator(KeyCombination) adds shortcuts to buttons (#205)
  • Slideshow component and slideshow builder
  • openInternalWindow(SomeOtherView::class) opens a window ontop of the current scene graph
  • bindStringProperty respects given format (#210)
  • Proxy support for Rest client (Set client.proxy = Proxy())
  • Pane builder (#208)
  • will apply styles to all elements in collection
  • Added Node.alignment property that knows how to apply alignment depending on the parent
  • Added Node.margin property that knows how to apply margin depending on the parent
  • canvas builder
  • All constraint builders no longer set default values for properties that are not overridden
  • Added canvas() builder
  • Kotlin 1.0.5-2
  • Added stackpaneConstraints builder (margin/alignment) (#206)
  • Added Node.hgrow and Node.vgrow properties (#204)
  • ComboBox.cellFormat also formats button cell by default with option to override
  • UIComponent.openWindow() opens a new modeless Window
  • TreeView.bindSelected(itemProperty) and TreeView.bindSelected(itemViewModel)
  • Rest POST supports InputStream (#200)
  • Removed deprecated findFragment - use find instead
  • ViewModel.ignoreDirtyStateProperties list of properties that should not be considered when calculating dirty state
  • Removed deprecated replaceWith overloads (#199)
  • Scope support
  • ViewModel is now Component and Injectable so it supports injection.
  • addClass/removeClass/toggleClass now also works for pseudo classes (#198)
  • ItemViewModel().bindTo(listCellFragment)
  •"some-resource") locates InputStream for resource
  • Added custom renderers to custom CSS Properties (#203)