TornadoFX 1.7.3

@edvin edvin released this Apr 19, 2017 · 832 commits to master since this release

Hot on the heels of the 1.7.2 release, this is mainly a bugfix release but it also provides better Android and vanilla Java compatibility.


  • ScrollPane.edgeToEdge boolean var to control the "edge-to-edge" style class (#302)
  • Android SDK compatibilty (See
  • Added baseColor CSS property
  • lazyContextmenu to add context menus that instantiate when the menu actually opens.


  • Improved Java interop
  • Removed faulty choicebox builder and replaced it with one similar to the combobox builder
  • authInterceptor was deprecated in favor of better named requestInterceptor


  • Fixed ViewModel validation bug for ComboBox, ChoiceBox and Spinner
  • Autocomplete ComboBox listview matches width of ComboBox by default
  • actually saves (#300)