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Mustache templates in Grails
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Mustache Plugin

Integrate Mustache into your Grails project.

Mustache provides Logic-less templates that are a great tool for HTML layout, especially in the context of building javascript powered pages within a web browser. Now, thanks to, you can interpret Mustache templates from the server as well.

This plugin serves to enable both server-side and client-side use of Mustache while maintaining a DRY methodology (i.e. you can use the same Mustache templates on the client and server).


Two tags are provided in the “mustache” namespace; render and layoutTemplates


Renders inline Mustache template code or Mustache template files server-side. Inline Mustache templates can also be written as script elements within the page for use by javascript.


  • model: (required) The object instance to use as the data model for the template.
  • tid : The Document id to use for a script element for use by javascript
  • href : The path, relative to server root, of a Mustache template file.


Renders script elements for each of the inline templates that were given a tid attribute. In practice, this is placed near the closing tag for the body div element.


Example: Inline mustache with script generation

<mustache:render model="${user}" tid="user-greeting">
  Hello {{fullname}}. 
    We're glad you logged in.
<mustache:layoutResources />

Example: Using href

In web-app/tmplates/wax.mustache

Hello {{fullname}}. 
  We're glad you logged in.

In the GSP

<mustache:render model="${user}" href="/templates/wax.mustache"
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