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The main idea of this project is to create example applications of real-world problems using ZIO.

Want to help out?

If you have general feedback on how things could be better, feel free to post an issue or open a PR.

If you are experienced with ZIO/Cats-effect/Monix please point out any non-idiomatic fragment of code.


19/05/16 - Typed failures at edm-message-service-producer-api


edm-user-service-api: (ZIO + Http4s + Scanamo)

edm-message-service-producer-api: (ZIO + Http4s + sttp + sns)

edm-message-service-consumer: (ZIO + zio-sqs + doobie)


  • Restful APIs using Http4s (must be improved)
  • Unit Tests (must be improved)
  • Http requests using STTP
  • Message publishing using SNS
  • DynamoDB as NoSQL database using Scanamo


  • Typed errors through ZIO[R,E,A]


  • Open API
  • Async API
  • Authentication (OAuth2)
  • gRPC example
  • Integration tests

Obs: Execute after build the containers for the first time


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