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Sometimes, you just need a whole lot of generated emo poetry

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Sometimes, you just need a whole lot of generated emo poetry.

Said generated poetry emerges from scraping a ton of some choice material and naively randomly sampling lines, and banging it together.

No more than a single line from any original poem appears in any generated stanza.


$ auto-emo [-n poems]
    -n, --number N                   Generate N poems (default is 3)

Example output

$ auto-emo

And You Weren't Real… the heavens Scenic mountain range paint me blood red. Giving me useless advice, I will never need. You are all of these,

When you've had more than what you deserve Magma explosions, I miss the funny feeling A virgin with a reputation I'm tired of hurting, It's a feeling that only true Lady Sunsets can bring.

Watch it sting We'll take it for the road. My breath i did hold Ive thought over wondering eye.I know in my heart


The pilfered poems are definitely not copyrighted by me, but everything else is.

Copyright © 2009 Edward Ocampo-Gooding. See LICENSE for details.

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