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#1 projects/index body -> show report of last week's work:
By day
By active project (total hours on that day | total accumulated hours)
(expandable to) By task (total hours or hh:mm format | total accumulated hours)
(--> Option to turn off accumulated hours? For now, just leave enabled)
Use red and black for now; think Bringhurst's books (e.g. “The Elements of Typographic Style”)
#2 projects/index body -> task entry input in a nice big font (tab index 0, so it defaults to this):
Allow for autocompletion of project name, and task ticket number
Should go in an enlarged version of the last week report's single day, so it's like entering a task in a Day-view in a day/week/month planner (maybe have an indicator saying "Enter new task") - should stop last entry with time = now, and start the new one, and warn this automatic entry. Should also list today's already finished tasks
#3 projects/index footer -> list project names, each linked to a project page:
#4 clients/index -> list clients, and allow for additions and edits to details:
#5 invoices/index -> list invoices:
Group by unpaid, order by date, project, client
Invoice issued date, number, billed amount, due date (red if past due)
Group by paid, order by date, project, client
Invoice paid date, issued date, number, billed amount
#6 invoice/new -> Design invoice creation:
Begins with just a template, showing the date, invoice number, invoice due date, logo, developer/owner name and details in the footer
=> Each field is editable and should save
(Preview version is done in-situ)
Choose Client (fill in preview template on choice)
(^^^ client choice rolls up on selection)
Choose Project
(^^^ project choice rolls up on selection)
(List uninvoiced TimeEntries (showing associated Task) grouped by day, group by Job, and display Job name)
Choose TimeEntries
Note => Keep invoice sorted by Task date
Idea => Select multiple by Tasks by listening for mousedown, make all Task divs sensitive to hover/mouseover, and stop on mouseup
Later on, implement selection rectangles
Additionally, think about making Task divs draggable with the Invoice div a droppable target
#7 invoice/settings => Invoice number formatting settings:
Formats should look like
[Day] [Month] [Year] [Next Overall Invoice Number] [Next Client Invoice Number] [Client Name]
Provide a text entry field that handles this stuff and offers a live-preview
#8 fix day dates and total hours on the y-axis:
Make the entire day div or the one outside it relative and the date/total fixed so
even when scrolling the page down, the dates remain at the top
Future/Sideline Tickets:
- projects/index -> task dashboard: visually distinguish invoiced, invoiced and paid, and uninvoiced tasks
- tasks/index -> list uninvoiced tasks, or have some intelligent way of presenting tasks chronologically,
- integration with quicksilver -> [quicksilver hotkey], [project name], tab [task name] (by default stop the current task and start this one)
- This seems doable through a little client doing http requests
✓ Try out using has_finder:
✓ Try out ditz
Doesn’t really feel right to me at the moment. Maybe when there’s more in the pipe that this textfile doesn’t accommodate nicely.
✓ Switch to using finder_for plugin