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Shopify Appointments!

Running a .biz that takes appointments on a schedule? Install this Shopify app and watch the money roll in.

This thing ties a jQuery frontend to Shopify's API, creating orders for appointments, represented by a multiple of a "10 mins of time" product. The order has a read-only (in the frontend) note attribute attached that track which time slot was used.

After the order is made, a webhook fires to alert our appointment server to tell Google Calendar to remove that free slot.

On the merchant's side, setup looks like:

[First screen]

  1. Watch a screencast of how to use Google Calendar to create free time slots in whatever increments they want - note that they have to make 20 minute slots for example if they want that.
  2. Show a Google Calendar iframe (first one shows a login), tell merchant to log in
  3. [Automatically create a new calendar, redirect to it]
  4. Tell merchant to create events called "free time"
  5. Click "done creating available time"

[Second screen]

  1. "How much do you want to charge per hour?"
  2. Click "done! Show me my appointment calendar!"
  3. [Create a product representing 10 minutes of time, with the calendar HTML as the description]
  4. Redirect to product page showing calendar


Google Calendar