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This is my back-dated mail processing application.


The idea is that I like to keep all my incoming email in the Inbox so I don't have to switch folders to see new stuff. However, later on I would like it to be sorted and filtered in some ways.

This program runs a set of filters against email, but only on messages older than a configured age. It is intended to be run regularly from cron.

It talks directly to the mail server so it does not require any particular client software. In theory it supports any mail server supported by Java Mail, but I have only tried it with IMAP servers.

Configuration Languages

The program is designed to support different languages for specifying the configuration. Currently the only finished one is 'PropertiesFileConfiguration', which uses a Java properties file to provide settings.

TODO add sample configuration

I have a 'work in progress' Javascript configuration. The idea is that this will allow additional logic to be specified as JS functions.


MyMailtool is developed against Java 6 and has a build script which uses Bash.

I have been developing in Intellij Idea but that is optional.


git clone git://
cd mymailtool


MyMailtool can be run with command line options, but it is expected that most users will use a configuration file or files.

By default it will try and read in the user's home directory.

To run, use the bin/mymailtool2 script. Pass --help to see command line options.