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Unit test framework for hive and hive-service
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hive_test: A simple way to test Hive scripts.

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hive_test gives us an embedded Hive including an embedded Derby database, and a local HiveThriftService. This allows us to create unit tests very easily.

Hive scripts testing can be done in a similar way to PigUnit. For more examples check this class

        public void testScriptListInput() {
            Map<String, List<String>> input = Maps.<String, List<String>>newHashMap();
            List<String> lines = Lists.newArrayList();

            input.put("$INPUT1", lines);

            Response output =

            List<String> expected = Lists.newArrayList();

            assertEquals(ResponseStatus.SUCCESS, output.getResponseStatus());
            assertEquals(expected, output.getResult());


Available from Maven central

Declare the Maven dependency in your pom.xml file


Execution profiles

Without a local Hadoop install

By default, we're set to download a local copy of Hadoop when you first build Hive Test, or whenever the project is cleaned, just before running our test cases.

You can force a redownload and installation of Hadoop by manually activating the download-hadoop profile

mvn --activate-profiles download-hadoop test

You can also perform the download and extraction process independent of testing.

Download Hadoop (into the maven target directory)

mvn --activate-profiles download-hadoop wagon:download-single

Extract Hadoop (into the maven target directory)

mvn --activate-profiles download-hadoop exec:exec
With a local Hadoop install

We'll skip attempting to download and use a local copy of Hadoop if any of the following are true

  • set your HADOOP_HOME environment variable to a hadoop distribution
  • hadoop tar extracted to $home/hadoop/hadoop-0.20.2_local

Hive Test will work so long as you have Hadoop in your path, i.e. /usr/bin/hadoop. In this case, you'll want to deactivate the hadoop download.

mvn --activate-profiles -hadoop-home-defined test


Contributions are welcome! You can contribute by

  • starring this repo!
  • adding new features
  • enhancing existing code
  • testing
  • enhancing documentation
  • bringing suggestions and reporting bugs
  • spreading the word / telling us how you use it!
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