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simsong commented May 20, 2012

Hi. I'm getting a parse error when I try to run this library...

10:20 imac3:~/libgmail$ python2.7 demos/ Gmail account name: me Password: ... Please wait, logging in... Log in successful. ... invalid syntax (<string>, line 1) Traceback (most recent call last): File "demos/", line 52, in <module> searches = libgmail.STANDARD_FOLDERS + ga.getLabelNames() File "/Users/me/libgmail/", line 499, in getLabelNames self.getMessagesByFolder(U_INBOX_SEARCH) File "/Users/me/libgmail/", line 468, in getMessagesByFolder return self._parseThreadSearch(folderName, allPages = allPages) File "/Users/me/libgmail/", line 426, in _parseThreadSearch items = self._parseSearchResult(searchType, start, **kwargs) File "/Users/me/libgmail/", line 411, in _parseSearchResult return self._parsePage(_buildURL(**params)) File "/Users/me/libgmail/", line 384, in _parsePage items = _parsePage(self._retrievePage(urlOrRequest)) File "/Users/me/libgmail/", line 110, in _parsePage raise GmailError, 'Failed to parse data returned from gmail.' libgmail.GmailError: Failed to parse data returned from gmail. 10:20 imac3:~/libgmail$

Are you aware of the issue?

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