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 * [node, travis, test] added v0.10.x for to travis
 * [contrib] added @mloar to README as a contributor
 * [minor] format
 * Merge pull request #17 from mloar/create-blob
 * Make createBlob() take a Buffer.
 * Add methods for creating trees with base64 blobs.
 * [changelog] updated


* [dist] version bump
  * [tests] updated, all passing
  * [minor] style in package.json
  * [license] updated year
  * [minor] comment stylization
  * [package] bump `vows` to `0.7.0`
  * [package] bump `request` to `2.12.0
  * [package] added @st-luke to contributors
  * [travis, test] >= 0.8.0
  * Merge pull request #15 from st-luke/master
  * Add methods to start & unstar repos (w/ tests)


* [tests] minor formating
  * [docs] minor fix
  * [contributors] added @wemotom
  * [minor] removed npmignore, pointless these things?
  * [docs] removed paige
  * Merge pull request #13 from wemotom/master
  * README: fixed buggy example code in


* [docs] minor
  * [node] only require 0.6.0+
  * [travis] test 0.8.0
  * [package] updated email


* [tests] dont log callbacks
  * [dist] bump to 0.2.0
  * whitespace
  * added @intabulas as a contributor
  * Merge pull request #3 from intabulas/master
  * Added method/test to get repository details
  * added method/test to retrieve list of people watching a repository
  * added method/test to retrieve  repository forks
  * added method/test to retrieve commits for a repositories
  * added method to retrieve a repositories collaborators
  * added method to retrieve a repositories branches
  * added method to retrieve a repositories languages
  * added method to retrieve a repositories contributors
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