Automatically require a password for your computer when away from home
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This script checks every five minutes (configurable) to see if you're on a specified safe network, such as your home network. If you are, it disables the "Require password X seconds after sleep or screensaver begins" preference on a Mac. If it can't find that network, it enables that lock preference.

In practice, this means your computer will require a password when you're out and about, but not force you to enter your password over and over again at home.


  • Download the latest files from here.
  • Put anywhere you like, but remember where you put it.
  • Inside, replace Death Star on the first line with the SSID (name) of your home network.
    • Alternatively, change your network name to Death Star.
  • In com.edwardloveall.autolock.plist, replace the path/to/ with the path to the script in the previous step.
  • Move the launchd plist to ~/Library/LaunchAgents. If you don't have the LaunchAgents folder, you can just create it. Spelling and capitalization are important.
  • Install and start the launchd job with launchctl load -w ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.edwardloveall.autolock.plist

Read more about this in my blog post: