Girls just want to have op-pun-als
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My friend Gabe wrote a blog post about learning a new programming language. The project creates (bad) puns by replacing words in phrases with a word that rhymes e.x. off to a good heart (pun of off to a good start). This is a swift implimentation of that.

If you want to run this, clone the repo, build the repo (there are no dependencies), get a phrase file, and run the app:

path/to/puns heart path/to/phrase-file.txt


Thanks @gabebw for writing the post and laying out all of the steps needed to complete the project. Huge thanks to @gfontenot for reviewing the code and generally helping me debug and understand Swift. And to @ayanonagon for her amazing posts on swift that helped me really grok some of the fundamental concepts of the language.

Critique welcome.