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Group project for the General Assembly Web Immersive
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#A Better Bus App Making a more intuitive bus app for Washington, DC system.

##Deployment You can find the deployed app here:

##How To Contribute Fork this repository and clone the fork onto your local machine. Make your changes, push them to your fork. Once you're safisfied with those changes, submit a pull request to this repository. Please leave detailed comments on what changes you made and why. If approved, your changes will be merged to this repo and pushed to heroku.

##User Stories

  • As a bus rider I should be able to search arriving busses by my stop.
  • As a bus rider I should be able to view the soonest arrival times.
  • As a bus rider I should be able to see the predicted weather for the day.
  • As a bus rider I should be able to initiate a new search.

##Early Mockups

alt tag alt tag

WDI Project 3 API

Group project for the General Assembly Web Immersive ##MVP Heroku Deployment

Technical Requirements

  • Your API includes at least 2 models, one of which may be a user
  • Your models include at least one association
  • At least one model includes all CRUD functions via RESTful routes
  • Your app provides a reasonable user experience
  • Your app includes at least one view
  • Your view(s) includes at least one AJAX request that allows a user to somehow interact with the API
  • Your code, as rendered in the browser, passes a CSS validator and an HTML validator
  • Your code is commented only with what is necessary to document the intent of your code; that is, there are no commented-out chunks of unused code. Problematic code? Leave it in the branch and direct us there.

Your submission is received on-time via a pull request

The submission contains:
  • A link to your group's main Github repo. All group members should link to the same commit of the same branch of the same repo. Comfort score, out of 5 Completeness score, out of 5
  • At least 3 specific areas of code on which you would like targeted feedback
  • Any other comments or questions
  • Your repository includes at least one significant commit from every member of your team on each day
  • Your submitted Github repository includes a planning folder that contains: A minimum of 5 user stories A minimum of 1 ERD A minimum of 3 wireframes and/or mock-ups
  • Your repository includes a link to the deployed version of your project in the repository URL field
  • The repository includes a file containing: A description of the project A couple paragraphs about the general approach you took
  • Installation instructions for any dependencies
  • Descriptions of any unsolved problems or major hurdles your team had to overcome
  • Deployment and functionality
Your application is deployed to Heroku (optional, but encouraged: with a custom URL)

Cursory use of your app yields no errors that "break" your app What is on Heroku appears to be identical to what is on Github

  • All group members presented in roughly equal amounts
  • The provided structure was followed
  • The presentation was interesting, compelling, and enjoyable. That is: the presenters did not simply read off cards or recite memorizations; no presenter monopolized the conversation; the presenters seemed genuine; the content was informative
  • The points presented were compelling, both in content and delivery
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