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A python wrapper for the Paystack API
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A simple python wrapper for Paystack API

  • Charge the customer
  • Verify a transaction
  • Create Plans
  • Get a single or all transactions
  • Get a single or all customers


Register on the paystack website and get your Authorization key.
Store your authorization key in your environment variable as "PAYSTACK_AUTHORIZATION_KEY" or pass it into the
pypaystack objects at initiatialization.

pip install -U pypaystack


from pypaystack import Transaction, Customer, Plan

All Response objects are a tuple containing status_code, status, message and data

#Instantiate the transaction object to handle transactions.  
#Pass in your authorization key - if not set as environment variable PAYSTACK_AUTHORIZATION_KEY

transaction = Transaction(authorization_key="sk_myauthorizationkeyfromthepaystackguys")
response = transaction.charge("", "CustomerAUTHcode", 10000) #Charge a customer N100.
response  = transaction.verify(refcode) #Verify a transaction given a reference code "refcode".

#Instantiate the customer class to manage customers

customer = Customer(authorization_key="sk_myauthorizationkeyfromthepaystackguys")
response = customer.create("", "John", "Doe", phone="080123456789") #Add new customer
response = customer.getone(1234) #Get customer with id of 1234
response = customer.getall() #Get all customers

#Instantiate the plan class to manage plans

plan = Plan(authorization_key="sk_myauthorizationkeyfromthepaystackguys")
response = plan.create("Test Plan", 150000, 'Weekly') #Add new plan
response = plan.getone(240) #Get plan with id of 240
response = plan.getall() #Get all plans

#Todo Write more tests

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