Mac OS X installer for the Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop
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OS X Installer for the Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop

This allows for creating an installer for Hadoop for Mac OS X that attempts to integrate Hadoop in a typical manner with the OS:

  • Most files are put in /Library/Cloudera.
  • launchd will be used for stopping and starting the various daemons.
  • Paths are added to PATH by way of /etc/paths.d.


  • Daemons don't correctly start up for Hadoop and I haven't done anything yet for ZooKeeper.
  • I haven't put HBase, Hive, Flume or Hue in here yet.
  • Permissions are not quite right yet for various files. This is pretty frustrating.
  • It would be nice to automate setting JAVA_HOME for those things that need it. (This is just a matter of setting JAVA_HOME to the output of /usr/libexec/java_home.)
  • I haven't done anything to deal with updating to newer versions yet.


  • To build the installer, you download the various .tar.gz files from Cloudera, unpack them and put them in the right places under dist such as dist/Hadoop/Library/Cloudera/hadoop-0.20.2+737.
  • There are symlinks without version numbers (and capitalized) that all go into /Library/Cloudera on the target system. If the version being installed changes, then the symlink must also be updated.
  • I will have another script added at some point that handles setting up the permissions correctly once I figure out what all is needed there.
  • I run the CDH3.pmdoc/*.xml files through xmllint to format them nicer for diffs with the script.