Scripts that will help you set up your own Git server over ssh.
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Git Server Installer

This is a collection of scripts that will help you install a private Git server on any Linux box that you have SSH root access to. Note: The script is split into two parts: the first you run as root, and the second you run as the 'git' user that the first script creates. The third script creates a new repository. For more info, see 'How to Run' below.

What it Does

  1. (Optional) Updates apt and upgrades server software.
  2. Installs git-core and openssh-server.
  3. Creates 'git' user. (And prompts for a secure password needed to create repos.)

Script 2

  1. Creates ~/.ssh directory. (Note: You can use ssh-add to add your keys to the file.)
  2. Creates a repository named firstrepo.
  3. You're done!

How to Run

  1. Log in to your server.
  2. Do cd into the directory where you have the scripts.
  3. Run sudo
  4. When prompted, type in a password for your new git user. Make this secure, but you will need it to add new repositories.
  5. Log in as the git user. Type the password that you just created.
  6. Do cd into the directory where you have the scripts.
  7. Run
  8. Log out.
  9. Go to a different computer.
  10. Using ssh-add or another method, add your SSH key to the remote server.
  11. Run mkdir firstrepo && cd firstrepo && git init && git remote add origin git@RemoteServerIpOrName:firstrepo.
  12. Make some changes and commit.
  13. Run git push origin master.
  14. Now, you can clone that repo on other computers that have their key on the git server!