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Folder Structure: All folders structure follow OTP strictly. Or you will have a bad time making a release package (even though you can clean compile every time). This is for the full benefit of OTP hot code upgrade ....

More details below.

Compiling (brief notes) We are using Basho Tech Rebar tool. under project root dir: make

or (keeping dependencies) ./rebar clean export VERSION= ./rebar compile

or (cleaning dependencies and clean compile) ./rebar del-deps ./rebar get-deps export VERSION= ./rebar compile

Making package. Get rid of the rel/glitter folder on project root folder export VERSION= ./rebar -v -f generate Then test it out (at least that it loads) ./relglitterl/bin/glitter console then application:which_applications(). You should see a display showing glitter as the app name, the versoon and the depedency app and their versions.

BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT our folder nameing, your registered app and app naming...

I spent 1 day to fix up and am still learning..