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Document how to build and run the example app, Webdirs

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+# Webdirs: Web sites in directories!
+This is an example Somdune application. It starts a Somdune proxy with a simple plugin:
+Subdirectories under the web site are proxied to various other web sites.
+* `/google` goes to
+* `/jhs` goes to my CouchDB server,
+* `/couchone` goes to the CouchOne web site,
+Note that cookies and other things will not make these sites terribly useful; however,
+it is just an example of how to proxy to various web services based on any aspect of
+the incoming request.
+## Building
+Webdirs builds with Rebar, which is included in the Somdune project. After building Somdune itself,
+simply build Webdirs the same way.
+ cd example
+ ../rebar compile
+## Running
+Make sure both Somdune and Webdirs was compiled with `rebar compile`.
+Simply run the `webdirs` module (with the correct Erlang library paths of course). That module
+will start the actual OTP application for you.
+ cd example
+ erl -pa ../ebin -pa ./ebin -heart -s webdirs

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