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A simple Somdune readme

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+# Somdune: HTTP router, load balancer, and magic maker
+Somdune is a simple, stable, reliable HTTP proxy or router. When it receives an HTTP query, it uses
+its plugins to decide where it should go. Once the route is decided, Somdune becomes a truly
+transparent TCP relay or tunnel to the destination web server.
+## Building
+Somdune builds with Rebar, which is included in the project. Once you have Erlang installed, run:
+ ./rebar compile
+## Usage
+Somdune requires one or more plugins to decide on the routing policy. Every incoming request is parsed
+by Somdune and then passed to the plugin. Plugins can instruct Somdune to do several things:
+* Drop the query completely
+* Return an arbitrary web page (or any other web response)
+* Proxy the request as-is to a different web service (the most common operation)
+* Proxy a modified version of the request to a different web service
+Please see the `example/` subdirectory for the plugin reference implementation, **Webdirs**. Webdirs
+"swallows" various sites (Twitter, the CouchOne home page, and a CouchDB server) inside itself. For
+example, when you query `/twitter/Whatever`, you will get a response from ``;
+when you query `/jhs/_all_dbs`, you will hit ``, etc.
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