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Webdirs: Web sites in directories!

This is an example Somdune application. It starts a Somdune proxy with a simple plugin: Subdirectories under the web site are proxied to various other web sites.

Note that cookies and other problems will not make these sites terribly useful; however, it should be clear what is going on and how Somdune works.


Webdirs builds with Rebar, which is included in the Somdune project. After building Somdune itself, simply build Webdirs the same way.

cd example
../rebar compile


Make sure both Somdune and Webdirs was compiled with rebar compile.

Simply run the webdirs module (with the correct Erlang library paths of course). That module will start the actual OTP application for you.

cd example
erl -pa ../ebin -pa ./ebin -heart -s webdirs

Next connect to http://localhost:8888/ and follow the links!