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A browser extension to improve the visual design and experience of Feed Wrangler.
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Rodeo — A Feed Wrangler Stylesheet Extension

Rodeo Preview

Why Make Rodeo?

Feed Wrangler is a great service for reading and keeping updated with your RSS feeds now that Google Reader has been discontinued, unfortunately, although it works great, the design wasn't as good as some people would like from a paid service, so Rodeo was made to improve that.

How Do I Install Rodeo?

Installing Rodeo is really easy. You can do so by installing either the Safari or Google Chrome extension from the releases section (NOTE: Chrome users have to drag the extension into the extension manager chrome://extensions/):

How Do I Make Changes to Rodeo?

Making changes to Rodeo is great, and I'd love to see what people come up with. Please fork this repository and make any changes you want, and submit a pull request!


The MIT License (MIT)