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Node.js library for accessing TheTVDB API
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Node.js library for accessing TheTVDB JSON API. Originally based on joaocampinhos/thetvdb-api to give nicer output and additional features.

Pull requests are always very welcome.


  • Handle errors from API as JavaScript errors
  • Only returns relevant data (no need to call response.Data.Series etc.)
  • Set language at initialisation or on each function call
  • Return values through promises (dropped callback support)
  • Uses the new JSON API from TheTVDB
  • Tests with Mocha and Travis CI


Install with npm:

npm install --save node-tvdb

And run tests with Mocha:


Mocha is installed as a development dependency; you do not need to install it globally to run the tests.

Example Usage

To start using this library you first need an API key. You can request one here. Then just follow this simple example that fetches all the shows containing "The Simpsons" in the name.

const TVDB = require('node-tvdb');
const tvdb = new TVDB('ABC123');

tvdb.getSeriesByName('The Simpsons')
    .then(response => { /* process data */ })
    .catch(error => { /* handle error */ });

Full API Docs

Generated API docs with code examples can be found at:

For details on response data, please see TheTVDB API docs.


The MIT License (MIT)

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