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React/Node/Twilio App to send pictures to Santa!
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#Naughty or Nice???


An app to allow users to send an SMS message to Santa Claus 🎅 and allow users to attempt to influence by way of voting on if they think something is 'Naughty or Nice'.

Built with: React, PostgreSQL, Node.js, Express, bCrypt, Twillio. Deployed on Amazon EC2 Instance

Source code can be found at GitHub: Live Deploy can be found at:

Thoughts/Build Process

I knew I wanted to make an app with Twillio. I had attended a 'mini-hackathon' run by Twillio and afterwards had been trying to think of a fun use case for it. Enter Snitch-App. Originally the use would text in people doing good or bad things and it would be voted up or down. After thought I realized that wasnt a very fun idea. And so it was switched to people texting Santa Claus pictures and attempting to influence him through voting. I began by making the backend with PostgreSQL and hadnt intended for it to become a react-app at all. But I decided react state would allow me to give the site a very real time feel.

Future Plans

  • Update for v1 deploy
  • The style of the site needs another pass. I was pressed for time on deploy and mainly wanted to showcase the major function of the site.
  • Login/register buttons need to be made into proper modals.
  • User settings page to allow for changing of password
  • Syncing of pictures to users. defaulting in anonymous if no one registered under that number.
  • Mobile pass. Site is usable but not the best.

Final Thoughts

Over all I had a lot of fun working on this project and excited to tinker with it going forward. For more of my work visit my portfolio site at and checkout my GitHub at

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