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Polka 2
Polka 2 is the evolution of the Polka tile editor for screens 2 and 4 of
the MSX computer system. This version aims to be a generalised version
of a retro graphics editor with map editting functionality.
The application took form after some internal editing programmes
collapsed under their complexity. Polka 2 needed to fill the needs of
those attempts while maintaining more manageable code. This meant that
Polka 2 became as much a programming exercise as a an application. Some
of the things we tried are a completely generic user interface, full
undo/redo functionality, normal copy/paste functionality and trying to
find a way good way to avoid the complexity pitfalls from earlier work.
So far we can claim partial success.
The source is released under the GNU General Public License version 3.
Check the COPYING file for the full details.
If you have any comments, suggestions or would like to participate in
the project, send a mail to or check out the
GitHub source repository at:
Building on Linux
The code uses the gtkmm3 toolkit and its dependencies. Use the package
manager of your distribution to install the gtkmm3 development package.
Other than that you need a reasonably modern g++ compiler with support
for some of the c++0x/c++11 features. Building should be a simple as:
If successful, you will find an executable file in derived/bin/polka2.
Since this does not depend on anything else, it can be copied and run
from any location.
Building on Windows
There is no official release of gtk3 or gtkmm3 for Windows at this time.
However, you can get a mostly functional build system from this
After installing this, you will need a few extra files to complete the
build system by putting the following files in the gtkmm3/bin directory:
After this, the source can be built from this directory using the
following command from the command shell:
After building has completed successfully, the executable is available
in derived\bin\polka2.exe. This can be installed anywhere.
Note that the suggested build system is experimental and does not
include the rendering engines that would normally be present in the
official distribution. This means that that themes will only work
partially. So don't expect the best appearance at this time.
Building on other systems
Other systems are currently untested. However, if a working gtkmm3
environment can be installed and a GCC toolchain and unix shell is
available, it should work.