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Epic - a Supercombinator Compiler
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Preparation for supporting GHC 7.10.1
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Atuin Removed -fglasgow-exts (thanks to Dirk Ullrich for the patch)
Epic Preparation for supporting GHC 7.10.1.
FL Removed -fglasgow-exts (thanks to Dirk Ullrich for the patch)
Papers Minor interface changes; final TFP paper
compiler Generating a .h, to allow calling from C
evm Added std streams
examples Fix examples Prelude
lib Various tweaks and bug fixes, plus lazy foreign calls
tests strToInt in tests had wrong type
.gitignore [ .gitignore ] Added files after running tests/
LICENSE language.tex
Main.lhs Export BigInt
Makefile Try to make cabal do the Right Thing
README Remove outdated build instructions
epic.cabal epic.cabal: untabified, added source-repository.


Build instructions:

    * cabal install
    * ...that's it

The command line tool, epic takes a source file and produces executable
code, via C. Separate compilation is supported, in a fairly simple
way, e.g. to compile a main program main.e which includes some
functions defined in lib.e:

    * Build lib.o with the command epic -c lib.e.
    * Import functions in main.e with the line include "lib.ei" in the source.
    * Build the executable with epic main.e lib.o -o main
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