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Idris (http://idris-lang.org/) is a general-purpose functional programming language with dependent types.

To configure, edit config.mk. The default values should work for most people.

To install, type 'make'. This will install everything using cabal and typecheck the libraries.

To run the tests, type 'make test' which will execute the test suite, and 'make relib', which will typecheck and recompile the standard library.

Idris has an optional buildtime dependency on the C library libffi. If you would like to use the features that it enables, make sure that it is compiled for the same architecture as your Haskell compiler (e.g. 64 bit libraries for 64 bit ghc). By default, Idris builds without it. To build with it, pass the flag -f FFI.

To build with libffi by default, create custom.mk or add the following line to it: CABALFLAGS += -f FFI The file custom.mk-alldeps is a suitable example.

The Idris wiki contains instructions for building on various platforms and for getting involved with development. It is located at https://github.com/idris-lang/Idris-dev/wiki.

Idris has support for external code generators. Supplied with the distribution is a C code generator to compile executables, and a JavaScript code generator with support for node.js and browser JavaScript.

At the point of this writing, there are external repositories with a Java code generator and an LLVM-based code generator which can be found at https://github.com/idris-hackers/idris-java and https://github.com/idris-hackers/idris-llvm respectively.