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New in 0.9.4:
User visible changes:
* Simple packaging system
* Added --dumpc flag for displaying generated code
Internal changes:
* Improve overloading resolution (especially where this is a type error)
* Various important bug fixes with evaluation and compilation
* More aggressive compile-time evaluation
New in 0.9.3:
User visible changes:
* Added binding forms to syntax rules
* Named class instances
* Added ':set' command, with options 'errorcontext' for displaying local
variables in scope when a unification error occurs, and 'showimplicits'
for displaying elaborated terms in full
* Added '--errorcontext' command line switch
* Added ':proofs' and ':rmproofs' commands
* Various minor REPL improvements and fixes
Internal changes:
* Completely new run time system (not based on Epic or relying on Boehm GC)
* Normalise before forcing to catch more forceable arguments
* Types no longer exported in normal form
* Try to resolve overloading by inspecting types, rather than full type
New in 0.9.2:
User visible changes:
* backtick notation added: x `foo` y ==> foo x y
* case expressions allowed in type signatures
* Library extensions in prelude.vect and prelude.algebra
* malloc/trace_malloc added to builtins.idr
Internal changes:
* Some type class resolution fixes
* Several minor bug fixes
* Performance improvements in resolving overloading and type classes
New in 0.9.1:
User visible changes:
* DSL notation, for overloading lambda and let bindings
* Dependent records, with projection and update
* Totality checking and 'total' keyword
* Auto implicits and default argument values {auto n : T}, {default val n : T}
* Overlapping type class instances disallowed
* Many extensions to prelude.nat and prelude.list libraries (mostly thanks to
Dominic Mulligan)
* New libraries: control.monad.identity, control.monad.state
* Small improvements in error reporting
Internal changes:
* Faster compilation (only compiling names which are used)
* Better type class resolution
* Lots of minor bug fixes
0.1.x to 0.9.0:
Complete rewrite. User visible changes:
* New proof/tactics syntax
* New syntax for pairs/dependent pairs
* Indentation-significant syntax
* Added type classes
* Added where clauses
* Added case expressions, pattern matching let and lambda
* Added monad comprehensions
* Added cumulativity and universe checking
* Ad-hoc name overloading
- Resolved by type or explicit namespace
* Modules (Haskell-style)
* public, abstract and private access to functions and types
* Separate type-checking
* Improved interactive environment
* Replaced 'do using' with Monad class
* Extended syntax macros
Internal changes:
* Everything :-)
* All definitions (functions, classes and instances) are elaborated to top
level, fully explicit, data declarations and pattern matching definitions,
which are verified by a minimal type checker.
This is the first release of a complete reimplementation. There will be bugs.
If you find any, please do not hesitate to contact Edwin Brady
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