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#ifndef _IDRISRTS_H
#define _IDRISRTS_H
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <pthread.h>
// Closures
typedef enum {
} ClosureType;
typedef struct {
int tag;
int arity;
void* args;
} con;
typedef struct {
ClosureType ty;
union {
con c;
int i;
double f;
char* str;
void* ptr;
} info;
} Closure;
typedef Closure* VAL;
typedef struct {
VAL* valstack;
int* intstack;
double* floatstack;
VAL* valstack_top;
VAL* valstack_base;
int* intstack_ptr;
double* floatstack_ptr;
char* heap;
char* oldheap;
char* heap_next;
char* heap_end;
VAL* stack_max;
pthread_mutex_t inbox_lock;
pthread_mutex_t inbox_block;
pthread_cond_t inbox_waiting;
VAL* inbox; // Block of memory for storing messages
VAL* inbox_end; // End of block of memory
VAL* inbox_ptr; // Next message to read
VAL* inbox_write; // Location of next message to write
int argc;
VAL* argv; // command line arguments
size_t heap_size;
size_t heap_growth;
int allocations;
int collections;
VAL ret;
VAL reg1;
} VM;
// Create a new VM
VM* init_vm(int stack_size, size_t heap_size, int argc, char* argv[]);
// Clean up a VM once it's no longer needed
void terminate(VM* vm);
// Functions all take a pointer to their VM, and previous stack base,
// and return nothing.
typedef void(*func)(VM*, VAL*);
// Register access
#define RVAL (vm->ret)
#define LOC(x) (*(vm->valstack_base + (x)))
#define TOP(x) (*(vm->valstack_top + (x)))
#define REG1 (vm->reg1)
// Retrieving values
#define GETSTR(x) (((VAL)(x))->info.str)
#define GETPTR(x) (((VAL)(x))->info.ptr)
#define GETFLOAT(x) (((VAL)(x))->info.f)
#define TAG(x) (ISINT(x) || x == NULL ? (-1) : ( (x)->ty == CON ? (x)->info.c.tag : (-1)) )
// Integers, floats and operators
typedef intptr_t i_int;
#define MKINT(x) ((void*)((x)<<1)+1)
#define GETINT(x) ((i_int)(x)>>1)
#define ISINT(x) ((((i_int)x)&1) == 1)
#define INTOP(op,x,y) MKINT((i_int)((((i_int)x)>>1) op (((i_int)y)>>1)))
#define FLOATOP(op,x,y) MKFLOAT(vm, ((GETFLOAT(x)) op (GETFLOAT(y))))
#define FLOATBOP(op,x,y) MKINT((i_int)(((GETFLOAT(x)) op (GETFLOAT(y)))))
#define ADD(x,y) (void*)(((i_int)x)+(((i_int)y)-1))
#define MULT(x,y) (MKINT((((i_int)x)>>1) * (((i_int)y)>>1)))
// Stack management
#define INITFRAME VAL* myoldbase
#define REBASE vm->valstack_base = oldbase
#define RESERVE(x) if (vm->valstack_top+(x) > vm->stack_max) { stackOverflow(); } \
else { bzero(vm->valstack_top, (x)*sizeof(VAL)); }
#define ADDTOP(x) vm->valstack_top += (x)
#define TOPBASE(x) vm->valstack_top = vm->valstack_base + (x)
#define BASETOP(x) vm->valstack_base = vm->valstack_top + (x)
#define STOREOLD myoldbase = vm->valstack_base
#define CALL(f) f(vm, myoldbase);
#define TAILCALL(f) f(vm, oldbase);
// Creating new values (each value placed at the top of the stack)
VAL MKFLOAT(VM* vm, double val);
VAL MKSTR(VM* vm, char* str);
VAL MKPTR(VM* vm, void* ptr);
VAL MKCON(VM* vm, VAL cl, int tag, int arity, ...);
#define SETTAG(x, a) (x)->info.c.tag = (a)
#define SETARG(x, i, a) ((VAL*)((x)->info.c.args))[i] = ((VAL)(a))
#define GETARG(x, i) ((VAL*)((x)->info.c.args))[i]
void PROJECT(VM* vm, VAL r, int loc, int arity);
void SLIDE(VM* vm, int args);
void* allocate(VM* vm, size_t size);
void* allocCon(VM* vm, int arity);
void* vmThread(VM* callvm, func f, VAL arg);
// Copy a structure to another vm's heap
VAL copyTo(VM* newVM, VAL x);
// Add a message to another VM's message queue
void sendMessage(VM* sender, VM* dest, VAL msg);
// block until there is a message in the queue
VAL recvMessage(VM* vm);
void dumpVal(VAL r);
void dumpStack(VM* vm);
// Casts
#define idris_castIntFloat(x) MKFLOAT(vm, (double)(GETINT(x)))
#define idris_castFloatInt(x) MKINT((i_int)(GETFLOAT(x)))
VAL idris_castIntStr(VM* vm, VAL i);
VAL idris_castStrInt(VM* vm, VAL i);
VAL idris_castFloatStr(VM* vm, VAL i);
VAL idris_castStrFloat(VM* vm, VAL i);
// String primitives
VAL idris_concat(VM* vm, VAL l, VAL r);
VAL idris_strlt(VM* vm, VAL l, VAL r);
VAL idris_streq(VM* vm, VAL l, VAL r);
VAL idris_strlen(VM* vm, VAL l);
VAL idris_readStr(VM* vm, FILE* h);
VAL idris_strHead(VM* vm, VAL str);
VAL idris_strTail(VM* vm, VAL str);
VAL idris_strCons(VM* vm, VAL x, VAL xs);
VAL idris_strIndex(VM* vm, VAL str, VAL i);
VAL idris_strRev(VM* vm, VAL str);
// Command line args
int idris_numArgs(VM* vm);
VAL idris_getArg(VM* vm, int i);
// Handle stack overflow.
// Just reports an error and exits.
void stackOverflow();
#include "idris_gmp.h"
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