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module RTS.Bytecode where
import Core.TT
import Core.CaseTree
import Core.Evaluate
import Idris.AbsSyntax
import RTS.SC
import Control.Monad.State
type Local = Int
data BAtom = BP Name Int | BL Local | BC Const
deriving Show
-- Like SC, but with explicit evaluation, de Bruijn levels for locals, and all
-- intermediate values put into variables (which can be stored on the stack or
-- in registers when generating code)
data Bytecode = BAtom BAtom
| BApp BAtom [BAtom]
| BTailApp BAtom [BAtom]
| BLazy BAtom [BAtom]
| BLet Local Bytecode Bytecode
| BFCall String CType [(BAtom, CType)]
| BCon Tag [BAtom]
| BCase Local [BAlt]
| BPrimOp SPrim [BAtom]
| BError String
| BGetArgs [Name] Bytecode -- get function arguments
| BReserve Int Bytecode -- reserve stack space, clear on exit
deriving Show
data BAlt = BConCase Tag [Name] Int Bytecode
| BConstCase Const Bytecode
| BDefaultCase Bytecode
deriving Show
bcdefs :: [(Name, SCDef)] -> [(Name, (Int, Bytecode))]
bcdefs xs = map (\ (n, s) -> (n, bc xs s)) xs
bc all (SCDef args max c) = (length args,
BGetArgs (map fst args) (bcExp all max (length args) c))
bcExp all v arity x
= let (code, max) = runState (bc' True arity x) v
space = max - arity in
if (space > 0) then BReserve space code else code
ref i = do s <- get
when (i > s) $ put i
next = do s <- get
put (s + 1)
return s
scarity n = case lookup n all of
Just (SCDef args _ _) -> length args
bc' :: Bool -> Int -> SCExp -> State Int Bytecode
bc' tl d (SRef n) = if tl then return $ BTailApp (BP n (scarity n)) []
else return $ BApp (BP n (scarity n)) []
bc' tl d (SLoc i) = do ref i; return $ BAtom (BL i)
bc' tl d (SApp f args)
= do f' <- case f of
SRef n -> return $ BAtom (BP n (scarity n))
_ -> bc' False d f
args' <- mapM (bc' False d) args
let bapp = if tl then BTailApp else BApp
case f' of
BAtom r -> mkApp (\x -> bapp r x) args' []
bc -> do v <- next
mkApp (\x -> BLet v bc (bapp (BL v) x)) args' []
bc' tl d (SLazyApp f args) = do args' <- mapM (bc' False d) args
-- let bapp = if tl then BTailApp else BApp
mkApp (\x -> BLazy (BP f (scarity f)) x) args' []
bc' tl d (SLet n val sc) = do v' <- bc' False d val
sc' <- bc' False (d + 1) sc
return $ BLet d v' sc'
bc' tl d (SCon t args) = do args' <- mapM (bc' False d) args
mkApp (\x -> BCon t x) args' []
bc' tl d (SFCall c t args) = do args' <- mapM (bc' False d) (map fst args)
mkFApp c t (zip args' (map snd args)) []
bc' tl d (SConst c) = return $ BAtom (BC c)
bc' tl d (SError s) = return $ BError s
bc' tl d (SCase e alts) = do e' <- bc' False d e
alts' <- mapM (bcAlt tl d) alts
case e' of
BAtom (BL i) -> return $ BCase i alts'
bc -> do v <- next
return $ BLet v bc (BCase v alts')
bc' tl d (SPrimOp p args) = do args' <- mapM (bc' tl d) args
mkApp (\x -> BPrimOp p x) args' []
mkApp ap [] locs = return $ ap locs
mkApp ap (BAtom (BL i) : as) locs = mkApp ap as (locs ++ [BL i])
mkApp ap (a : as) locs = do v <- next
app <- mkApp ap as (locs ++ [BL v])
return $ BLet v a app
bcAlt tl d (SConCase t args e) = do e' <- bc' tl (d + length args) e
return $ BConCase t args d e'
bcAlt tl d (SConstCase i e) = do e' <- bc' tl d e
return $ BConstCase i e'
bcAlt tl d (SDefaultCase e) = do e' <- bc' tl d e
return $ BDefaultCase e'
mkFApp c ty [] locs = return $ BFCall c ty locs
mkFApp c ty ((BAtom (BL i), t) : as) locs
= mkFApp c ty as (locs ++ [(BL i, t)])
mkFApp c ty ((a, t) : as) locs
= do v <- next
app <- mkFApp c ty as (locs ++ [(BL v, t)])
return $ BLet v a app
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