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module Main where
import System.Console.Haskeline
import System.IO
import System.Environment
import System.Exit
import Data.Maybe
import Data.Version
import Control.Monad.State
import Core.CoreParser
import Core.ShellParser
import Core.TT
import Core.Typecheck
import Core.ProofShell
import Core.Evaluate
import Core.Constraints
import Idris.AbsSyntax
import Idris.Parser
import Idris.REPL
import Idris.ElabDecls
import Idris.Primitives
import Idris.Imports
import Idris.Error
import Pkg.Package
import Paths_idris
-- Main program reads command line options, parses the main program, and gets
-- on with the REPL.
main = do xs <- getArgs
let opts = parseArgs xs
runInputT defaultSettings $ execStateT (runIdris opts) idrisInit
runIdris :: [Opt] -> Idris ()
runIdris opts = do
when (Ver `elem` opts) $ liftIO showver
when (Usage `elem` opts) $ liftIO usage
when (ShowIncs `elem` opts) $ liftIO showIncs
when (ShowLibs `elem` opts) $ liftIO showLibs
when (ShowLibdir `elem` opts) $ liftIO showLibdir
case opt getPkgClean opts of
[] -> return ()
fs -> do liftIO $ mapM_ cleanPkg fs
liftIO $ exitWith ExitSuccess
case opt getPkg opts of
[] -> idrisMain opts -- in Idris.REPL
fs -> liftIO $ mapM_ (buildPkg (WarnOnly `elem` opts)) fs
usage = do putStrLn usagemsg
exitWith ExitSuccess
showver = do putStrLn $ "Idris version " ++ ver
exitWith ExitSuccess
showLibs = do dir <- getDataDir
putStrLn $ "-L" ++ dir ++ "/rts -lidris_rts -lgmp -lpthread"
exitWith ExitSuccess
showLibdir = do dir <- getDataDir
putStrLn $ dir ++ "/"
exitWith ExitSuccess
showIncs = do dir <- getDataDir
putStrLn $ "-I" ++ dir ++ "/rts"
exitWith ExitSuccess
usagemsg = "Idris version " ++ ver ++ "\n" ++
"--------------" ++ map (\x -> '-') ver ++ "\n" ++
"Usage: idris [input file] [options]\n" ++
"Options:\n" ++
"\t--check Type check only\n" ++
"\t-o [file] Generate executable\n" ++
"\t-i [dir] Add directory to the list of import paths\n" ++
"\t--ibcsubdir [dir] Write IBC files into sub directory\n" ++
"\t--noprelude Don't import the prelude\n" ++
"\t--typeintype Disable universe checking\n" ++
"\t--log [level] Set debugging log level\n" ++
"\t--dumpc [file] Dump generated C code\n" ++
"\t--libdir Show library install directory and exit\n" ++
"\t--link Show C library directories and exit (for C linking)\n" ++
"\t--include Show C include directories and exit (for C linking)\n"
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