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@@ -228,8 +228,24 @@ \subsubsection*{Include and linker directives}
\texttt{-lx} option to \texttt{gcc}.
\item \texttt{\%include "x.h"} --- use the header file \texttt{x.h}.
\item \texttt{\%link "x.o"} --- link with the object file \texttt{x.o}.
+\item \texttt{\%dynamic ""} --- dynamically link the interpreter with the shared object \texttt{}.
+\subsubsection*{Testing foreign function calls}
+Normally, the Idris interpreter (used for typechecking and at the REPL) will
+not perform IO actions. Additionally, as it neither generates C code nor
+compiles to machine code, the \texttt{\%lib}, \texttt{\%include} and
+\texttt{\%link} directives have no effect. IO actions and FFI calls can be
+tested using the special REPL command \texttt{:x EXPR}, and C libraries can be
+dynamically loaded in the interpreter by using the \texttt{:dynamic} command
+or the \texttt{\%dynamic} directive. For example:
+Idris> :dynamic
+Idris> :x unsafePerformIO ((mkForeign (FFun "sin" [FFloat] FFloat)) 1.6)
+0.9995736030415051 : Float
Since values can appear in types and \emph{vice versa}, it is natural that types themselves

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