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* Pattern matching RHS doesn't deal with bindings properly (if there
are names bound on the RHS, anything could happen...)
* Higher order recursive datatypes do not have induction hypothesis
generated for the higher order arguments.
* Non-termination if trying to parse an expression with no closing bracket.
* Tactics should know what level they operate at; currently we need to
allow escapes at the top level in the typechecker as a hack, and
trust people to get it right.
* intro should check that the name it is introducing is not the name of
another goal, or we get confused.
* Resuming an incomplete proof (e.g. created by suspend or axiomatise)
resumes it in the current global context, not the context at the
point when it was suspended. So if you're sneaky, you can make a
non-terminating definition this way.
Workaround: Please don't do that.
* Refine tactic adds as many claims as possible, rather than adding
claims for one argument at a time then attempting to unify.
Workaround: Use intros before refining. You might then need to solve
some of the arguments explicitly.
* No check for strict positivity.
Workaround: Don't use non positive types :).
Recently fixed:
* If a datatype has a placeholder in its indices, the value should
be inferred (i.e. it should be checked) otherwise we can't make a pattern
properly (and we'll certainly need this for optimisation).