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Datatype Nat {
TyCon Nat : *,
Con O : Nat,
Con S : (n:Nat)Nat,
Elim natElim : (n:Nat)(P:(n:Nat)*)
(mz:(P O))
(ms:(k:Nat)(ih:(P n))(P (S k)))
(P n),
Scheme O,P,mz,ms -> mz
Scheme (S k),P,mz,ms -> ms k (natElim k P mz ms)
holey_plus = [m:Nat][n:Nat](?H:Nat.
(natElim n ([n:Nat]Nat) H ([k:Nat][ih:Nat](S ih))));
H. try m;
H. solve;
H. cut;
plus = [m:Nat][n:Nat](natElim n ([n:Nat]Nat) m ([k:Nat][ih:Nat](S ih)));
mult = [m:Nat][n:Nat](natElim n ([n:Nat]Nat) O ([k:Nat][ih:Nat](plus m ih)));
fact = [n:Nat](natElim n ([n:Nat]Nat) (S O) ([k:Nat][ih:Nat](mult ih (S k))));
double : (n:Nat)Nat;
double. attack H;
H. intro;
H. x:Nat;
H. y:Nat;
H. try plus x y;
H. solve;
y. try n;
y. solve;
x. try n;
x. solve;
double. solve;
id : (A:*)(a:A)A;
id. attack H;
H. intro;
H. intro;
H. try a;
H. solve;
H. cut;
id. solve;
Eval plus (S (S O)) (S (S O));
Datatype Vect {
TyCon Vect : (A:*)(n:Nat)*,
Con Vnil : (A:*)(Vect A O),
Con Vcons : (A:*)(k:Nat)(a:A)(v:Vect A k)(Vect A (S k)),
Elim VectElim : (A:*)
(v:Vect A n)
(P:(n:Nat)(v:Vect A n)*)
(mnil:(P O (Vnil A)))
(mcons:(k:Nat)(a:A)(v:Vect A k)(ih:P k v)
(P (S k) (Vcons A k a v)))
(P n v),
Scheme A,O,(Vnil A),P,mnil,mcons -> mnil
Scheme A,(S k),(Vcons A k a v),P,mnil,mcons
-> mcons k a v (VectElim A k v P mnil mcons)
vectFold = [A:*][B:*][n:Nat][v:Vect A n][empty:B][tail:(a:A)(b:B)B]
(VectElim A n v ([n:Nat][v:Vect A n]B) empty
([k:Nat][a:A][v:Vect A k][ih:B](tail a ih)));
Eval VectElim Nat O (Vnil Nat) ([n:Nat][v:Vect Nat n]Nat)
(S O) ([k:Nat][a:Nat][v:Vect Nat k][ih:Nat](S ih));
Eval VectElim Nat (S (S O)) (Vcons Nat (S O) (S O) (Vcons Nat O (S O) (Vnil Nat)))
([n:Nat][v:Vect Nat n]Nat) (S O) ([k:Nat][a:Nat][v:Vect Nat k][ih:Nat](S (S ih)));
Output "rts/test";
Eval fact (S (S (S (S (S (S (S O)))))));
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