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goodness. That left all the docs and examples out

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commit 16c632166c63e304153a27d1e87c22b1ae77efdb 1 parent 82c30e6
@gwern gwern authored
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  1. +26 −2 ivor.cabal
28 ivor.cabal
@@ -34,7 +34,31 @@ Description: Ivor is a type theory based theorem prover, with a
want your proofs to be untrustworthy) a fixpoint
-Build-depends: base, parsec, mtl, plugins, directory
+Data-files: BUGS, INSTALL, TODO, docs/macros.ltx, docs/local.ltx, docs/tt.tex, docs/conclusion.tex,
+ docs/intro.tex, docs/hcar.sty, docs/tactics.tex, docs/library.ltx,
+ docs/shell.tex, docs/dtp.bib, docs/HCAR.tex, docs/Makefile,
+ docs/combinators.tex, docs/humett.tex, docs/interface.tex,
+ papers/tutorial/tutorial.tex, papers/tutorial/macros.ltx, papers/tutorial/theoremproving.tex,
+ papers/tutorial/introduction.tex, papers/tutorial/hslibrary.tex, papers/tutorial/library.ltx,
+ papers/tutorial/programming.tex, papers/tutorial/Makefile, papers/bib/literature.bib,
+ papers/ivor/examples.tex, papers/ivor/code.tex, papers/ivor/macros.ltx,
+ papers/ivor/ivor.tex, papers/ivor/corett.tex, papers/ivor/conclusions.tex,
+ papers/ivor/intro.tex, papers/ivor/llncs.cls, papers/ivor/tactics.tex,
+ papers/ivor/library.ltx, papers/ivor/dtp.bib, papers/ivor/alink.bib,
+ papers/ivor/Makefile, papers/ivor/embounded.bib
+Extra-source-files: emacs/ivor-mode.el, examplett/, examplett/test.c, examplett/, examplett/,
+ examplett/, examplett/, examplett/Test.hs, examplett/,
+ examplett/, examplett/, examplett/, examplett/,
+ examplett/, examplett/Nat.hs, examplett/, examplett/,
+ examplett/, examplett/, examplett/, examplett/,
+ IOvor/IOPrims.lhs, IOvor/Main.lhs, IOvor/, Jones/Main.lhs,
+ lib/, lib/, lib/, lib/,
+ lib/, lib/, lib/, lib/
+Build-depends: base, parsec, mtl, plugins, directory
Build-type: Simple
Extensions: MultiParamTypeClasses, FunctionalDependencies,
@@ -53,5 +77,5 @@ Other-modules: Ivor.Nobby, Ivor.TTCore, Ivor.State,
Ivor.ICompile, Ivor.MakeData, Ivor.Unify,
Ivor.Grouper, Ivor.ShellParser, Ivor.Constant,
Ivor.RunTT, Ivor.Compiler, Ivor.Prefix,
- Ivor.PatternDefs, Ivor.ShellState, Ivor.Scopecheck
+ Ivor.PatternDefs, Ivor.ShellState
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