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module main
import resimpnew
data Purpose = Reading | Writing
pstring : Purpose -> String
pstring Reading = "r"
pstring Writing = "w"
data FILE : Purpose -> Set where
OpenH : File -> FILE p
syntax ifM [test] then [t] else [e]
= test >>= (\b => if b then t else e)
open : String -> (p:Purpose) -> Creator (Either () (FILE p))
open fn p = ioc (do h <- fopen fn (pstring p)
ifM (validFile h) then (return (Right (OpenH h)))
else (return (Left ())))
close : FILE p -> Updater ()
close (OpenH h) = iou (closeFile h)
readLine : FILE Reading -> Reader String
readLine (OpenH h) = ior (fread h)
eof : FILE Reading -> Reader Bool
eof (OpenH h) = ior (feof h)
syntax rclose [h] = Update close h
syntax rreadLine [h] = Use readLine h
syntax reof [h] = Use eof h
syntax rputStrLn [s] = Lift (putStrLn s)
syntax if opened [f] then [t] else [e] = Check f t e
readH : String -> RES ()
readH fn = res (do let x = open fn Reading
if opened x
then rputStrLn "Error"
else do str <- rreadLine stop
rputStrLn str
rclose stop)
main : IO ()
main = run (readH "Test")
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