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@@ -55,6 +55,14 @@ Later s = (S (fst s), snd s);
Later' : ResState n -> (i:Fin n) -> ResTy -> ResState n;
Later' s i a = (S (fst s), update i a (snd s));
+{-- A ResIO computation is parameterised over the start and end time slots,
+ and the start and end resource states. This way, we can tell statically
+ at what time slot a computation takes place, and ensure that resources
+ are only accessed at a time when they are still valid. We can also state
+ properties about the initial and final resource states (e.g. guaranteeing
+ that all resources are cleaned up after use)
data ResIO : Set -> ResState n -> ResState n -> Set where
ResIOp : {s:ResState n} -> {s':ResState n} ->
(ResEnv (snd s) -> IO (a & ResEnv (snd s'))) -> ResIO a s s';

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