Yet-Another-Weather-App (YAWA) is my attempt at picking up Swift
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Weather App

Yet-Another-Weather-App (YAWA) is my attempt at picking up Swift

I followed a course on TeamTreehouse, an introduction to Swift on my part, and instead of writing the same old Hello World apps I decided to write a fully functional app

This is a simple weather app that retrieves data from, we parse the data and display it on screen.

Animated Gif of the demo

I spent the weekend watching the entire TeamTreehouse course (on 2x ofcourse) and wrote the entire code while standing in my kitchen, basically what am trying to say is the code quality is somewhat lacking.

The UI improvements were done on a different day. Take a look at the TODO list below to see what's been done/remaining.


  • Settings screen?
  • Data Persistence to allow offline usage (Why would you want stale weather info? I don't know, maybe some people dig this stuff)
  • Allow user to Add/Edit custom locations
  • Re-organise and delete locations
  • Add paging to support above feature
  • Write tests (Should have started)
  • Publish to the app store
  • Weekly forcast (Model already in place)
  • Animation, its a one screen app after all
  • Retrieve Current Location
  • Improve UI


Lovingly created by Edwin B