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Node Learning Management System

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My motivation for this app was to build something that would make it easy for educators to create a sequence of lessons or steps for a single course or assignment.

Use Case

Educators who find traditional learning management systems like BlackBoard, Desire2Learn, or Moodle unnecessarily complicated might find this app particularly useful.

Sometimes having so many features available such as video conferencing or Turnitin can be intimidating for some professors and instructors to use, and this app can serve as an effective supplement to an organization's exiting LMS by making lesson and assignment creation as simple as using a word processor.


  • Create, edit, and delete a course
  • Create, edit, and delete course lessons
  • Write content in markdown


lesson screen

Fig. 1 – Sample lesson

edit lesson screen

Fig. 2 – Edit lesson

create lesson screen

Fig. 3 – Create lesson

Technology Used

This app is built on Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB and supports Markdown, which means that it can be used to present most types of content.

Other Software Used

Features Roadmap

This is an MVP app, and I anticipate that the following features will be developed:

  • Creating an instructor login feature to limit the creating, editing, and deleting functions;
  • Uploading media such as images and audio;
  • Adding a date picker for lesson due dates; and
  • Adding a progress indicator to display a student's stage of completion.


A Learning Management System (LMS) that makes it easy to create a sequence of lessons or steps for a single course or assignment




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