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# Local Temperature summary from BOM. Consumed by BetterTouchTool for display in the touchbar
APP_TEMP=$(curl -H "Accept-Encoding: gzip" -s |
gzip -d 2> /dev/null |
/usr/local/bin/jq '[0].apparent_t' |
cut -d"." -f1)
/bin/echo -n "${APP_TEMP}°C "
xpath '//area[@aac="NSW_PT114"]/forecast-period[@index="0"]/element[@type="forecast_icon_code"]/text()' 2>/dev/null)
"") ICON="";;
1) ICON="☀️";; # Sunny
2) ICON="☀️";; # Clear
3) ICON="⛅️";; # Mostly sunny/partly cloudy
4) ICON="☁️";; # Cloudy
6) ICON="🚬☁️";; #Smoke
9) ICON="🌧💨";; # Showers, very windy
11|16|17) ICON="🌦";; # Possible Shower/Shower or two
18) ICON="🌧";; # Rain
*) ICON="🐪 ($FORECAST_ICON_NUMBER)";; # Not sure
echo $ICON