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Edwin’s dotfiles

While being heavily inspired on all example dotfiles configurations on GitHub, I decided to start my own to understand it better. However still much is based on Mathias' dotfiles. These files contain the basic setup for zsh based on oh-my-zsh with the great agnoster theme.


git clone <repo>


For OSX extra brew files are supplied to setup an development environment quickly. It's advisable at this point to make sure Xcode and Xcode developer tools are installed a priori the installation of the brew packages. Xcode can be easily installed from the App Store, the developers tools can be installed by running xcode-select --install. Afterwards run:

./ --full-pull


These dotfiles bring the following near you:

  1. Move dotfiles
  2. Install homebrew
  3. Install homebrew packages
  4. Install applications
  5. Setup sensible defaults for osx
  6. Setup configuration files for sublime


These files are far from done…

  • Add sublime config
  • Package control sublime syncing

Thanks to…