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A very flexible Flutter implementation of the Bottom Navigation Bar.

Pub PayPal

BottomNavigationBar with label

BottomNavigationBar with label when selected

BottomNavigationBar without label

Get Started

Add bmanv to your pubspec.yaml file:

  bmnav: ^0.3.4

Import bmnav in your main.dart file:

import 'package:bmnav/bmnav.dart' as bmnav;

Implement bmnav.BottomNav in the bottomNavigationBar parameter in the Scaffold widget:

Widget build(BuildContext ctx) {
	return Scaffold(
		appBar: AppBar(title: Text('Bottom Nav Demo')),
		body: Container(child: Text('Hello World')),
		bottomNavigationBar: bmnav.BottomNav(
			items: [

You can find a fully fledged example with navigation and custom styles here.


Name Explanation Default
index starting index 0
onTap callback when a bottom nav item is pressed null
items bottom nav items null
elevation elevation of bottom nav 8.0
color background color Colors.white
iconStyle icon styles (size, onSelectSize, color, onSelectColor) null
labelStyle label styles (visible, showOnSelect, textStyle, onSelectTextStyle) null


Feel free to contribute to this project.


If you found this project to be useful then please consider donating to help me continue maintaining this project and create new projects. :)

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