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nedbat commented Dec 28, 2016

Configuration Pull Request

Make sure that the following steps are done before merging

  • @devops team member has commented with 👍
  • are you adding any new default values that need to be overriden when this goes live?
    • Open a ticket (DEVOPS) to make sure that they have been added to secure vars.
    • Add an entry to the CHANGELOG.
feanil commented Jan 3, 2017

@nedbat it looks like many of these changes are 16.04 only, without any backward compatible conditionals for 12.04. This means merging this will break current 12.04 builds (because we have not migrated EVERYTHING to 16.04) yet. Can you add the 12.04 task back in with a conditional so we can migrate incrementally.

nedbat commented Jan 5, 2017

@feanil I'm not sue which 12.04 task you mean? In

-- name: create xvfb upstart script
- template: src=xvfb.conf.j2 dest=/etc/init/xvfb.conf owner=root group=root
+- name: create xvfb systemd service
+ template: src=xvfb.service.j2 dest=/etc/systemd/system/xvfb.service owner=root group=root
feanil Jan 5, 2017 Member

@nedbat This is the first one I saw: It would be nice to have both tasks and conditionalize on distribution so we don't break 12.04 when this lands.

nedbat Jan 5, 2017 Member

@gsong Can you make a pull request into this branch with the conditionalization? Or convince @feanil that we don't need it? :)

gsong commented Jan 5, 2017

@feanil Do we plan on supporting mixed Ubuntu 12 & 16 environment? If not, can we just manage via Git refs which version of the playbooks/roles should be used?

feanil commented Jan 5, 2017

@gsong the issue is that not everything can be upgraded at the same time. The browsers role is used by devstacks and by testeng jenkins workers and I don't want to commit to both landing in lock-step before we can merge the rest of these changes. FWIW, I'm currently working on getting the jenkins workers running on 16.04

gsong commented Jan 6, 2017

@feanil For Ficus purposes, we can keep using this release branch and cherry-pick from/rebase onto master as needed.

In a separate email conversation, you mentioned:

Prod is not yet running on xenial. Mostly we've held off on doing so until we have jenkins doing so as well. Which is what I'm currently working on. Once Jenkins is running on xenial, we can deploy xenial to production.

Is the expectation that we’ll be completely on Xenial in the next couple weeks? We’re trying to gauge whether it’s worth the effort to have conditional roles based on OS release.

/cc @benpatterson

nedbat and others added some commits Nov 10, 2016
@nedbat @nedbat nedbat Update Vagrantfile to xenial
boxcutter/ubuntu1604 needs recent Vagrant, so pin at least 1.8.7

Xenial doesn't have Python 2 that ansible needs, so use to get it, though that might be way more than we need.
@nedbat nedbat Xenial support 2b82e38
@nedbat nedbat -E lets us set env vars to affect ansible de673f0
@gsong @nedbat gsong Use Chrome PPA, update chromedriver, firefox
* No need to download our specific version
* Use officially supplied FF 45
@gsong @nedbat gsong Use systemd to manage xvfb aa2621d
@gsong @nedbat gsong Small tweaks to Vagrantfile 69c4277
@gsong @nedbat gsong Update release Vagrantfile for test-ficus aa45207
@gsong @nedbat gsong Lock Firefox version at OS level 12946e0
@gsong @nedbat gsong Tag tasks 925c602
@gsong @nedbat gsong Use `systemd` module from Ansible 2 63a76ed
@nedbat nedbat Overridable box file name e7dbe3e
@nedbat nedbat Don't delete .pyc files for space. Sandboxes need them. ae05b69
@nedbat nedbat Install Ecommerce in Native f240895
@nedbat nedbat Install programs in Native
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